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NY Strangers Spring Fling Volleyball Fundraiser Tournament Results!

Here are the results from our Spring Fling Tournament at Powerzone!  Great teams = Great competition!


Champion: Power 8ball

Womens Champ Power8ball

Runner-up: Team GEVA

#1 – Power 8Ball
#2 – Trainwreck
#3 – Team GEVA
#4 – Squad Up!
#5 – Hammer Time
#6 – Hilford Gils
Champion: Team GEVA
Mens Champ Team GEVA
Runner-up: Mamajuana
#1 – Mamajuana
#2 – Team GEVA
#3 – LVC
#4 – Katimba
#5 – Super Flow Flex
#6 – Legion Black
We hope to see everyone again at our next tournament!
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New York Strangers 11th Annual Fundraiser Tournament

Congratulations to those who made it to the finals for our 11th Annual Volleyball Fundraiser Tournament at Powerzone Volleyball Center.

In the women’s division congratulations to team Creole for coming in first and in the men’s division congrats to Hustle N Flow for winning the tournament for the 2nd year in a row.

The New York Strangers club was able to collect 100lbs of non-perishables to be donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief (pictures to come).  Thanks again to all the teams who came out to participate and we all hope to see everyone at the next tournament possibly in early 2013 to start warming up for the upcoming volleyball season.

Here are the pictures of the 4 finalists from our 11th Annual Fundraiser Tourney.

Pictures from the tournament are posted up here :

Some of the finals matches can be seen here:




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Results – New York Strangers 11th Annual Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to this years winner of our 11th Annual New York Strangers Volleyball fundraiser at Powerzone!

1st place: Creole

2nd place: Trainwreck

1st place: Hustle N Flow

2nd place: Metropolis

The tournament was a huge success and we thank everyone from afar for participating.  We also like to thank those who’ve helped bring in over 100 lbs of food donations.  We thank you all!





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