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Start of the 2014 season….

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and help support the New York Strangers Sports Organization fund raising dinner on May 17, 2014.  The NACIVT is going to be held in Las Vegas Nevada in 2014 and the club is looking to make the trip as easy as possible for the kids who want to participate in the yearly event.

Members will be trying to help sell raffle tickets this year to help alleviate the cost of the trip to the west coast.  The club is trying its best  to help everyone in our club have an enriched experience playing with our club, while learning all about the game and it’s history over the past 69 years.  So remember, find a New York Stranger club member and ask them about buying raffle tickets for this year.  They’re only $2 a ticket and it’s $5 for 3 tickets!

In case you missed the club’s slideshow video for the start of the 2014 season, the video has been reposted for viewing.  The link to the pictures from the banquet are up as well, and a few pictures from the dinner are up on the page now.  See you at our next banquet in September and good luck to all the participants who are competing in the NACIVT 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada.







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New York Strangers Spring Fundraiser Banquet

Strangers Spring Banquet Fundraiser


To celebrate our 15th year anniversary, the New York Strangers will be hosting a fundraiser at Grand Harmony on June 1st from 6PM to 10PM.  Tickets will be $40** a ticket and what better way to enjoy a dinner under one roof with our sponsors, friends and family supporting our mission.  We are planning to have performance, music, dance floor and raffles throughout the dinner to make it a fun filled night.  Please come support us!

**New York Strangers Sports Organization is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.  The non-deductible portion of your contribution is $25 per ticket.  Contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

I / We would like to be a sponsor (select one) *:

Sponsor Level:                                                         Recognition

Gold Sponsor (10 seats)                  $1000     Program, Media, Web, Backdrop, 2X3 Banner

Silver Sponsor (7 seats)                  $750       Program, Media, Web, Backdrop

Bronze Sponsor (5 seats)                $500       Program, Media, Web

Or I / We would like to be a donor for this event (select one) *:

Sponsor Level:                                                       Recognition

Gold Donor (5 seats)                     $500       Program, Media, Web, Backdrop

Silver Donor (5 seats)                   $400       Program, Media, Web

Bronze Donor (5 seats)                $300       Program, Media, Web


Or I / We would like to be a supporter for this event (select one) *:

Family supporter (10 seats)       $400

Friend Sponsor (5 seats)            $200

Individual Sponsor (1 seat)         $40


Or I / We won’t be able to attend but would like to donate to this event:

Donate Now!


* Please indicate member name when you make the purchase online so credit will be given to member.

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