Our Team

Founder – Ricky Leung, rleung@nystrangers.org

President – Danny Moy, dmoy@nystrangers.org

Vice President –  Benny Wong, bwong@nystrangers.org

Treasurer – Mike Fan, mfan@nystrangers.org

Athletic Program Director – Tony Foo, tfoo@nystrangers.org

  • Men’s Program Director: Mike Fan, mfan@nystrangers.org
  • Women’s Program Director: King Lee, klee@nystrangers.org

Community Relations & Affairs – Stephanie Shiau, sshiau@nystrangers.org

Public Relations – Vivian Lee, vlee@nystrangers.org

Grant Proposal – Vince Tam, vtam@nystrangers.org

Multimedia – Kevin Chin, kchin@nystrangers.org

New York Strangers 18th Annual Spring Fling Results!

With 29 registered team battling out for the top prize.  Here are the results! Women’s 1st place: Team Freedom   Women’s 2nd place: Hammertime   Men’s 1st place: NorthEast   Men’s 2nd place: Katimba

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